About us

Duzz-All Enterprises is a small, locally, owned and operated company, based in Taranaki, New Zealand.  We manufacture (by hand) boutique style natural beeswax based products.    As a company our practice is under pinned by five major ethical considerations.

1. Duzz-All Enterprises is committed to producing consistently high quality products that provide our customers  a cost effective, environmentally friendly, alternative to a wide range of other products they may currently be using in their personal lives, homes, vehicles, gardens, boats, tack sheds and outdoor areas.   Customer satisfaction is paramount and backed by a 100% money back guarantee.
2. We are committed to producing 100% natural, environmentally friendly products. Throughout the manufacture and marketing of Duzz-All Beeswax Products we consistently seek opportunities to reduce the environmental impact and lower the carbon footprint of our products.

3. We are proud to be Kiwi owned and operated. We actively support other Kiwi manufactures and suppliers where ever possible.
4. Duzz-All Beeswax has a strong sense of social responsibility. To date we have provided support to a number of charitable organisations. We provide ongoing support to Morrinsville RDA and are looking to extend this offer nationwide. Also within equestrian sport we sponsor some local Pony Club events and have sponsored minor classes at Kelt Capital Horse of the Year events. We have provided support to the Breast Cancer Appeal, Child Cancer Appeal and the Greymouth Multiply Sclerosis Group, by making product donations to fundraising appeals.  Plus we have supported the Rural Women of New Zealand Group. As our company grows we will continue to invest back into the community where ever possible. 

5. In recent times our sense of social responsibility has extended to include a global perspective.  We have taken the opportunity to sponsor a child Alchanjera Alex Abel through the World Vision Child Sponsorship programme which says ‘’Sponsor one child, change many lives.’’  We hope to do this.