test1.jpgHi, I bought your product at the Wellington Food Show.  Thought you might like to see the results!  I brought this table from the Salvation Army Store a year or so ago, it has oak veneer and the existing polyurethane was very old and sun damaged.  So I scraped the old polyurethane off using a tungsten scraper and then used the Duzz-All Beeswax to rejuvenate the top.  The photo’s show the table when I have completed one wing and not touched the other wing yet.  Bit of a difference!  Thanks heaps, really love the product, using it on all our shoes, boots and bags, as well as the table.
T Morrison

Greetings, we purchased your product at the Hawkes Bay Show several months ago ... Your product lived up to all your claims and as you can see from the photos it has bought our outdoor furniture back to life.
It was very easy to apply and even easier to clean up... just wash your hands...No messy cloths or sticky gloves or solvents to deal with.
I have also put it on my work boots and the difference is remarkable.  They repel water again and have done for 2 weeks following 1 application.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone.
G & S Bundle
Hawkes Bay
Hi, a friend at work brought in your product for me to clean my old black leather wallet, which I was about to throw away and it now looks and feels like a new one.
P Seath

test7.jpgHi there, I have just got in from the Home Show in Auckland where I purchase some Duzz-All.  I’ve polished both pairs of boots and remembered 2 handbags that I haven’t used because they looked, pretty had-it... I remembered once I polished one of them and ended up with black polish on my top.  Boy I was mad.
Well now I have shiny boots and 2 usable handbags!  I am so thrilled.  Just thought you’d like to know you have another very satisfied customer.
Kind regards
Kelly B

test6.jpgHi, I purchased your product on Friday from the Christchurch Food Show.  This morning I used it on our dining room table which is well over 80 years old.  I normally use polishing oil but this product works much better!  It has restored the woods glow and hasn’t left it greasy at all.  It looks fabulous.  Thank  you for such a wonderfully useful product.
R Brown

Hi there, at the Horse of the Year this year (2009) I purchased Duzz-All.  It is a brilliant product!!! I haven’t used anything else on my tack or shoes etc since.
T Ellis

 As someone who has recently discovered the usefulness and versatility of your product, I wonder how many other hunting enthusiasts are unaware of your product.  As a winter sport where leather and equipment are exposed to all extremes of weather (four hours of wind, rain or sunshine!), the ‘’Duzz-All Beeswax’’ would be a valuable addition to any hunting persons kit.  Personally my saddle has never looked better and my oilskin is rejuvenated ready for the next season.
J Cullen
Deputy Master of Manawatu Hunt

I have used Duzz-All for some time for my shoes and boots. However just over a year ago my brother passed away suddenly on the farm. Consequently I ended up with all the old family saddles (3), tri-fold girths, bridles, halters and assorted strapping.  I also gained the ownership of a packsaddle. Now all this equipment is old and has seen many horses, miles and use, as some of it was previously my fathers. This gear had been stored in an open shed for some 20 odd years and was covered in old sweat, dust, bird droppings and who knows what else. From there it was moved to a container where it has been for the past 10 years orso. It was in a bad way - you couldn't even bend any of the strapping. I have since scrubbed with leather soap several times, scraped the dirt when I have had to, pulled things to bits by force and muttered a few uncharitable words to my brother for the lack of care (our Dad had taught us to oil
everything) and I did this to 2 of the saddles. But then I remembered the Duzz-All and the old saddle you use at your
Show displays. 
Well I sat in the sun and waxed and waxed and a few days later waxed again.  It is hard to believe what I have now is the same equipment.  I would not have believed the difference had I not seen and done it for myself and they are now comparable in softness to the new saddles I use. I was convinced I would need to oil the leather first as it was so dry, but the wax was all that was needed.  I have since waxed the 2 saddles I had previously oiled. Duzz-All is now the only product I use on my gear, usually after every 3rd or 4th use when I give them a quick rub over with the sponge.  In fact I am so sold on it that I have given some as gifts to my fellow trekkers and recommend it to anyone with leather products.
L  Bird